Australia's Premium Debt Collection Specialist



Australian Debt Collection

At Upper Class Collections we will successfully collect your overdue accounts on a “success only” bases, so if you do not get paid, neither do we! Our commission rates are competitive, but we still provide the upper class service and results you expect. We have no subscription fees or upfront fees what so ever and our agreements are not binding.

While our competitors provide you with a single account manager to oversee your accounts, at Upper Class Collections we have a whole team of experts available to support you whenever needed. For example legal professionals, skip tracing experts, knowledgeable field agents, and our management are all experienced in all areas of the mercantile industry.

At UCC the services we provide are individually tailored for you and designed to increase your cash flow. Clients with a reputation to protect find the services of UCC invaluable, as our extensive experience and knowledge helps maintain your reputation and rapport with clients. We abide by the “ASIC and ACCC Debt collection guideline: for collectors and creditors”, this ensures your safety and peace of mind. Every service we provide revolves around getting your debts paid as stress free as possible.

“Upper Class Collections provides premium debt recovery services to the business community. We maintain a high quality market position where service & knowledge is expected and great results are guaranteed”.


International Debt Collection

International business is fraught with many dangers, most of all the ability for debtors not to pay their accounts, relying on international borders, customs and distance to withhold or simply stop payment.

Upper Class Collections through the TCM international debt collection network is your perfect partner to ensure you get paid. With offices in 34 countries and agents in approx. 100 other countries we are your only choice in keeping your cash flow coming in and your business afloat. We can offer a total solution from credit reports to help you decide on your future business partners, to debt collection to ensure you get paid to the necessary legal actions if necessary.

The way TCM operates is unique and is designed to obtain hassle free maximum recovery for our clients. All collection activity is carried out in the same country as the debtor by local legal or debt collection firms. All shareholders and agents are licenced and reputable businesses who have been screened by the TCM board to ensure they maintain our high standards and your valuable reputation. We do not have one office internationally, we have 34, so we know local customs and the necessary steps to get you paid. Our local representative in your country is still your contact and the expert to advise you on all collection matters and to maintain contact with the agent in the country where the debt is located.


Field Services

Upper Class Collections is becoming the leader in providing field services to the mercantile and legal profession.

Such services include:

  • Process Serving.
  • Field calls (home visits).
  • Vacant repossessions.
  • Property Seizure and Delivery Orders.
  • Skip Tracing.

Our main clients are solicitors in the CBD of Perth, these clients demand a high level of service and the professionalism to represent their companies in the field. Protecting their reputation and the reputation of their clients is paramount, that’s why they use Upper Class Collections. Unlike our competitors, we try to avoid outsourcing and therefore use our own employees to cover the Perth metro area and some country areas. We also have office staff in support, so you no longer have to phone a mobile and talk to an agent while he is driving and the mobile keeps cutting out.

Our services include affidavits, reports and any phone calls to organise service. We can organise service in 90% of countries around the world through our TCM network and we handle the whole of Australia. Using the latest technology our employees can update our system while in the field and clients can have access to their files 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

Clearly for that professional support your business needs, Upper Class Collections is the only choice.