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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of debt does Upper Class Collections collect?

Our debt collection services are primarily for commercial, consumer and international debt. We do not collect personal debt, debt relating to the Residential Tenancies Act or one-off accounts.

Do we need to sign a contract with Upper Class Collections?

Yes, under the West Australian Debt Collectors Licensing Act (1964) all clients must have a signed agreement with their debt collection agency.

Are your contracts binding in anyway?

No – you are free to use anyone you choose. However, we believe that once you have experienced our superior levels of service and excellent results, you will wish to stay with our team.

From where can you collect a debt?

Anywhere in the world. Upper Class Collections are part of the TCM Global Debt Collection network, meaning we can provide some of the most experienced and dedicated debt collection services around the world. We are also represented in more than 150 countries.

Is Upper Class Collections licensed?

Yes – we are licensed in Western Australia. License number 5243.

What documents are required for Upper Class Collections to pursue a debt?

We require the following for our debt collection services:

  • Copies of any outstanding invoices.
  • Copies of any agreements between yourself and the debtor.
  • Any proof of delivery (if relevant).
  • Any other relevant documents (i.e. emails).

Does Upper Class Collections buy debts?

No, we only collect debts owing to our clients and do not buy or take ownership of any debts.

How much does your debt collection services cost?

We charge two ways:

  • Commission on what is collected.
  • Any additional costs we incur with your approval. For example legal actions, field calls, skip tracing or process serving.

We also do not charge for any upfront costs.

Can I recover the commission and other costs from the debtor?

Only if there is a written agreement in place between you and the debtor which includes the appropriate clause specifying that the debtor agrees to pay all such costs. We can help you write such a clause if you currently do not have it in your agreements.

Can I recover legal costs if I commence legal proceedings against a debtor?

When you commence legal proceedings some costs are normally automatically included like the court filing fee and service fees. When you obtain judgment court interest can normally be added which is generally around the 6%. If you are successful in your case and solicitors are used, they can apply to the court to have some of your solicitor fees paid, but you will never recover 100% of your costs.

Does Upper Class Collections provide a legal service?

No – we are not a legal firm and do not provide legal advice. However, we can use solicitors who may represent our clients when a debtor is being sued. We choose only those solicitors who provide the best service and are efficient at commercial collections. Our alignment with our solicitors has meant that we can negotiate more favourable rates for you, rather than if you were to approach a solicitor yourself.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at UCC today.